Analytical Toxicology


The Analytical and Biochemical Toxicology Research Section focuses on the analytical characterization of exposure to environmental contaminants and the development of biomarkers of contaminant exposure and effect. Analytical capabilities encompass the following: the ability to determine organic volatile species including pesticides that require highly specific detection, qualitative confirmation of these volatile analytes using gas chromatography equipped with mass spectrometric detectors, volatile/semi-volatile analysis for aqueous samples, non-volatile and ion analysis in aqueous samples, determination of total and inorganic mercury in aqueous and biological samples, and the ability to determine alkali, alkaline earth, and heavy metals in aqueous samples.


Instruments currently in place in the analytical/environmental laboratories include three Hewlett-Packard (HP) quaternary pump Liquid Chromatographs with Variable Wavelength Absorbance Detectors; a HP quaternary pump LC with a Fluorescence Detector; four HP 6890 Gas Chromatographs equipped with dual ECD, FPD/NPD, FPD/ECD, ECD/FID Detectors; a HP 6890/5973 GC/MSD; a HP 6890/5973 Purge and Trap GC-MS with autosampler; a Perkin Elmer AAnalyst 600 Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption Spectrometer equipped with a Fume Extraction Chiller; a Perkin Elmer Flow Injection Mercury System (FIMS-100), 3 Dionex Ion Chromatographs with Conductivity Detectors. TIEHH and The Department of Geosciences have jointly purchased a Leeman Lab Inductively coupled Plasma Spectrophotometer.

Current Research Projects:

Current Analytical Toxicology Projects are designed to address: Improved perchlorate analysis, passive sampling, the behavior of nanoparticles, improved analyses for high explosives, transport and transformation of high explosives, sensor development for acutely toxic airborne toxicants, contaminant distributions following Hurricane Katrina.

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