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The Department of Environment Toxicology's Graduate Student Association is a registered student organization of Texas Tech University. This group serves principally as a liaison between the graduate students and faculty in the Department of Environmental Toxicology.


The purpose of this organization is to “The purpose of The Student Association for The Institute of Environmental and Human health is to (1) promote camaraderie and scientific interaction among students at The Institute of Environmental and Human Health; (2) promote scientific interaction among Institute students and members of other universities through attendance at scientific meetings; (3) promote the effectiveness and diversity of environmental toxicology courses currently taught at the University; (4) promote student scholarship; (5) act as a service organization for the Institute and University.”


The leadership of this group consists of four members: a president, vice-president, a secretary/treasurer, and a public relations officer who are elected each year by current graduate students within the Department of Environmental Toxicology.

One of the most important functions of the TIEHH student association is to facilitate a seamless transition into graduate school at Texas Tech by providing a diverse support network of current students in the Department of Environmental Toxicology.



In the past, service projects have focused on those that will directly benefit families in Lubbock community. Every year students volunteer at the South Plains Food Bank. The student association also collects toys for the “Toys-for-Tots” drive in December and participates in blood drives throughout the year.


The student association also has a green committee to help keep TIEHH as sustainable as possible. The green committee started a recycling program at TIEHH to help reduce waste, and is currently looking into other activities which may reduce TIEHH’s environmental footprint.



Every year the TIEHH student association hosts a nationally-recognized scientist for departmental seminar and student interaction. In the spring they organize a banquet and reception to recognize student and faculty accomplishments. An alumnus is also invited to speak at this banquet to give advice to students about what they can accomplish following graduation. The student association also has a welcoming committee which is designed to help visiting and incoming students by taking them out to lunch, providing info on apartments in Lubbock, and any other needs they may have. .

The student association also helps out with students that are visiting the department by taking them on campus tours, out to lunch, and whatever else they may need.



The TIEHH student association also hosts social activities to encourage interaction between students outside of an academic setting. Past activities have included tailgating before football games, and playing intramural sports. In the past the student association has hosted an international potluck lunch to highlight the diversity of the department and encourage students to share a little bit about where they are from. This year, the students are doing a camping retreat in New Mexico as a chance to socialize outside of TIEHH and to brainstorm ideas to improve the association next year.


TIEHH Student Association Officers:


Katelyn Haydett - President    •    Eric Peterson - Vice-President  Naveen Kumar - Treasurer/Secretary  Christiana Wittmaack - Public Relations Officer    •    Hannah Greenberg - Green Committee




Katelyn Haydett


Naveen Kumar


Eric Peterson


Christiana Wittmaack

Public Relations Officer

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Hannah Greenberg

Green Committee

TIEHH is a major location for environmental and health sciences research at Texas Tech. The Department of Environmental Toxicology is the academic home for the core faculty at TIEHH as well as graduate students conducting research on the integration of environmental impact assessment of toxic chemicals with human health consequences.


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