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ENTX is excited to announce the kick-off of its new Program Enhancement Initiative. As many of you are aware, ENTX in the past has supported its research and graduate programs primarily through research grants. We are working to extend ENTX’s mission through development efforts directed toward new and enhanced projects and programs. ENTX’s goal is to raise more than 13 million dollars which will provide the opportunity to invest in the future – assuring a more secure and healthy environment. Our priority Program Enhancement and naming opportunities are Faculty and Student Support and Operational Enhancements.


Faculty and Student Support

Under faculty and student support, we are offering investment and naming opportunities in student scholarships and fellowships and faculty endowed chairs and professorships.


    • Scholarships & Fellowships

      Graduate scholarships and fellowships help students pay for their education and are awarded to students with the highest academic

      qualifications. These permanent funds generate income that will grow in perpetuity. Having these funds available makes it possible for ENTX

      to recruit the best and brightest students from around the world.


    • Endowed Professorships & Chairs

      Endowed professorships and chairs are awarded to faculty in recognition of their pre-eminent research, teaching, and service. These

      permanent funds generate income that will grow in perpetuity. Income from these funds provides salary and research support that will enable

      scientists to develop their research program to pursue projects that will establish them as the leader in their fields.



Operational Enhancements

These funds are used to support program activities, including discretionary expenditures, such as an endowed seminar series, pilot research studies, support for recruiting new faculty, alumni activities, ENTX social activities, travel for grant development, publication costs, individual student stipends, and student travel to scientific meetings. They can be given to support general ENTX activities or to support any one of our Strategic Focus Areas.


For more information on investment and naming opportunities, please contact:


Dr. Steve Presley

Chair and Professor,

Department of Environmental Toxicology


Texas Tech University

The Department of Environmental Toxicology

Box 41163

Lubbock, TX 79409-1163

Phone: 806-742-4567



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The Department of Environmental Toxicology (ENTX) is the academic home for the core faculty of The Institute of Environmental and Human Health (TIEHH) and the Institute for Forensic Science (IFS) at Texas Tech University. TIEHH and IFS provide faculty and graduate students opportunities for multidisciplinary research and scholarly engagement related to environmental, forensic and human health sciences.