Undergraduate Minor in Forensic Sciences

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If interested in applying for the forensic science minor, please complete the form below and send an email to Samantha Luna with your full name, email contact information, and R#.

She will then return a signed and approved minor degree plan to you for submission to undergraduate advising services. Please allow between 1-2 weeks for processing.


• Download  - Forensic Sciences Minor Degree Plan Form

ALL advising for the minor will take place via email/phone. There will be NO in-person office hours until further notice. Please check back here for updates when in-person advising will resume.


Samantha Luna, Academic Program Coordinator




The goal of this interdisciplinary minor is to offer students the opportunity to take courses pertinent to
scientific and methodological issues associated with crime investigation and criminal behavior.


The following requirements must be met in order to complete a Forensic Sciences minor:


  1. The student must complete at least 18 hours in designated forensic-related courses.

  2. No more than 12 hours may be taken in one department program.

  3. Courses may be used simultaneously for major and minor (double-dip), however, may NOT be simultaneously used for minor to minor programs.

  4. At least 6 hours of upper-division courses must be taken at Texas Tech.

  5. Courses with a grade of D cannot be counted toward fulfillment of the minor.

  6. All students enrolled in the forensic sciences minor are required to enroll in the forensic science course
    FSCI 2308 (Forensic Sciences) and FSCI 4355 (Forensic Trace Analysis)



Certain courses require that prerequisites be taken before the student can enroll in the desired course.

Prerequisite courses (except ANTH 3303) do not count toward the minor.

All degree plans related to the minor must be approved by the minor director, Dr. Prada-Tiedemann.


Required Courses:

•  FSCI 2308 Forensic Sciences, 3 semester credit hours


•  FSCI 4355 Forensic Trace Evidence, 3 semester credit



• 12 additional credits from the following options:


  • ANTH 3303 - Forensic Anthropology, 3 Semester Credit Hours

  • ANTH 4343 - Human Skeletal Biology and Forensic Techniques, 3 Semester Credit Hours

  • BIOL 3416 - Genetics, 4 Semester Credit Hours

  • CRIM 2335 - Homicide, 3 Semester Credit Hours

  • CRIM 4325 - Criminological Theory, 3 Semester Credit Hours

  • ENTX 4325 - Principles of Toxicology I, 3 Semester Credit Hours

  • ENTX 4326 - Principles of Toxicology II, 3 Semester Credit Hours

  • FSCI 4300 - Individual Studies in Forensic Science, 3 Semester Credit Hours

  • PSY 4384 - Forensic Psychology, 3 Semester Credit Hours

  • SOC 3327 - Sociology of Law and Policing, 3 Semester Credit Hours

  • SOC 4335 - Victims of Crime, 3 Semester Credit Hours


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