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Lubbock Police Department, Crime Scene Investigation

The forensic investigation area of study within the Forensic Science Master’s Program encompasses practical skills through classroom experiences and active collaborations with law enforcement agencies via internship opportunities for our students. One of the main goals is to allow the student to expand the knowledge of routine crime scene investigation procedures to prepare them for the forensic science workforce. Forensic investigative students typically participate in a capstone internship experience with local or national law enforcement agencies in areas such as crime scene investigation, property crime, correctional facilities, and other agency non-laboratory units (i.e. District Attorney, Marshall office).


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The Department of Environmental Toxicology (ENTX) is the academic home for the core faculty of The Institute of Environmental and Human Health (TIEHH) and the Institute for Forensic Science (IFS) at Texas Tech University. TIEHH and IFS provide faculty and graduate students opportunities for multidisciplinary research and scholarly engagement related to environmental, forensic and human health sciences.