Dr. Degeng Wang

Associate Professor, Biostatistics, Genomics and Molecular Toxicology

Associate Professor, Biostatistics, Genomics and Molecular Toxicology


B.S., University of Science and Technology of China Biology, 1991

Ph.D. University of Toledo Medical Center (formerly Medical College of Ohio), 1998


Research Interests:


Applied biostatistics

Functional genomics

Computational biology




ENTX 6385 Applied Statistics in Environmental Science

ENTX 6100 Lab Section of ENTX6385




Dr. Wang’s teaching and research focus on applied biostatistics, functional genomics and computational biology. Dr. Wang conduct collaborative research using his statistical and computational expertise. His own lab conducts both experimental and computational research to unravel the complexity of cellular signaling and gene expression, their dynamic regulation in response to exposure to environmental toxicants and their aberrancy in human diseases.


Dr. Wang joined Texas Tech in 2015. He has previously been a faculty at University of South Florida and University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. His lab has been continuously funded by external grants and is currently supported by NIH.


Selected Publications:


1. Wen Jiang, Zhanyong Guo, Nuno Lages, W. Jim Zheng, Denis Feliers, Fangyuan Zhang and Degeng Wang. A multi-parameter analysis of cellular coordination of multiple transcriptome regulatory mechanisms. Scientific Reports, 8: 5742, 2018.

2. Qi Liu, Hongda Zhu, Karthik Tiruthani, Limei Shen, Fengqian Chen, Keliang Gao, Xueqiong Zhang, Lin Hou, Degeng Wang, Rihe Liu and Leaf Huang. Nanoparticle-mediated Wnt5a trapping in tumor microenvironment enhances immunotherapy for BRAF-mutant melanoma. ACS Nano, 12 (2): 1250-1261, 2018.

3. Haihui Pan, Kunhua Qin, Zhanyong Guo, Yonggang Ma, Craig April, Xiaoli Gao, Alex Bokov, Jianhua Zhang, Yidong Chen, Susan Weintraub, Jian-Bing Fan, Yanfen Hu, Degeng Wang, Merry L. Lindsey, Rong Li. RNA Polymerase II Pausing Factor NELF Controls Energy Homeostasis in Cardiomyocytes. Cell Report, 7(1): 79-85, 2014.

4. Timothy Padawer, Ralph Leighty and Degeng Wang. Duplicate gene enrichment and expression pattern diversification in multi-cellularity. Nucleic Acid Research, 40(16): 7597-7605, 2012.

5. Degeng Wang. Discrepancy between mRNA and protein abundance: Insight from information retrieval process in computers. Computational Biology and Chemistry, 32(6), 462-468, 2008.

6. Degeng Wang and Michael Gribskov. Examining the architecture of cellular computing through a comparative study with a computer. Journal of the Royal Society Interface, 2(3), 187-195, 2005.




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